What's going on
at RHHS?

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Upcoming Events:


March Break

03/13/23 - 03/17/23



04/20/23 - 04/27/23


AP Exams

05/01/23 - 05/12/23


Asked Questions

What is StuCo?

StuCo is a group of students who come together and act as the liason between admin and the student body.

What does StuCo do?

We make sure that your school life is fun and filled with inclusive school-wide events such as spirit days, semi-formal, carnivals, and more.

We also take on the responsibility of supporting all students through various ways and make sure that all students feel included in the school community here at RHHS

When is the next PA Day?

November 18th

When does winter break start?

December 26th

When do midterm report cards come out?

November 22nd

When can we take grad photos?

October 11th to October 21st